25th Annual MSI-Frontline Golf Benefit

Many thanks to Mears Transportation for their support of the Benefit Luncheon:


Thank you for venturing into Frontline Outreach’s site. Here, I invite you to explore the world of urban ministry in Orlando, Florida. What is urban ministry in the context of Frontline Outreach? Our board leadership, ministry team, and volunteers agree: It’s “equipping!” We believe that God created everyone with purpose and destiny. This core belief manifests itself in all of Frontline’s programs and ministries. As friend and On Purpose Person author Kevin McCarthy says, “Being on purpose is the opposite of being an accident.”

Equally important at Frontline is the concept of relationships. We are all created for and grow through relationships. Consequently, we assist in the growth and development of youth and their families through our relationships in the urban community, suburbs, county, state, among businesses, and in the churches. All of these are important to our ability to serve families, to leverage support, and to equip world-class leaders from the urban center.

As Orlando’s oldest parachurch community ministry, we lead the way in providing early childhood education, after-school programs, and leadership programs for children. Our work to create a superior model of urban early childhood education—and character education for the development of leaders—will have great impact on the schools, churches, and the city in years to come.

Frontline’s philosophy of service and excellence is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our standard is to be Mission Driven, Professional, Measurable, Excellent, and Innovative in all we do. It’s with this basis that we encourage and challenge those we help to pursue God’s best for their lives. And because we see each child and family possessing unlimited potential for growth, we do not operate on the premise that they are “needy,” but recognize them as assets of our city—and for our future.

Frontline Outreach

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